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Burger King – Secret Menu

Our client Burger King’s menu held a secret, 6 innovative items that could only be ordered if discovered. Our team decided to hack Google’s AR technology in order to hide these items in plain sight. By following hints throughout the experience, customers had to use their cellphones to unlock every item of this delicious secret while having fun in the process!

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Supermax & de la Cruz – The Eye Tracker

de la Cruz in alliance with Supermax created The Eye Tracker, a real-time 3D hurricane tracking and storm preparedness tool. The platform will calculate all the necessary items needed to face the storm and its aftermath based on your family composition, and order those items through Supermax Online.

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Burger King – Mini Whopper Jr.

Halloween is a season of costumes and candy, and that’s just what we did. Together with @burgerkingpr we created the Mini Whopper® Jr. 🍬 a product innovation the size of a candy just right for this season.

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The Sway Effect – Carlos Thompson

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, our Founder and President Jennifer Risi sat down with long-time friend and network partner Carlos Thompson, President of the DLC Group,

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