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Ojo de Iberoamérica 2021

This year’s edition of El Ojo was extremely inspiring and our CCO, Rafael Reina, decided to gather all the winners in a single playlist for you to enjoy.

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Open Mic Nights – Burger King

We turned our most beloved mic into a stage for the first talent audition made on a drive-thru, where instead of getting booed, you got food and for free, paid with your talent.

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Pelushirts – de la cruz

A sleepshirt collection form moms to wear at night-time  that folds into a stuffed animal with her soothing smell to give it to their babies during daytime, while they’re away.

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Secret Menu – Burger King

Our client Burger King’s menu held a secret, 6 innovative items that could only be ordered if discovered. Our team decided to hack Google’s AR technology in order to hide these items in plain sight. By following hints throughout the experience, customers had to use their cellphones to unlock every item of this delicious secret while having fun in the process!

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